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Budget and Finance Committee

The next meeting of the Budget & Finance Committee will be Saturday, December 2, 2017, beginning at 10:30 a.m. in the fellowship hall of St. John's Lutheran Church, 1410 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE, Atlanta GA 30307. Click HERE for directions.

The meeting agenda and exhibits are being posted below as they become available. (Please check back periodically for newly available exhibits.) It is requested that committee members print the materials below for which they would like paper copies. Wifi access will also be available at the meeting, so that exhibits may be viewed electronically at that time.

 AGENDA  Revised Nov. 21
 Exhibit 1 - Update re termination of MIF financial services pilot
 Exhibit 1.5 - Internal Control Considerations
 Exhibit 2 - Communication plan re termination of MIF financial srvc pilot
 Exhibit 3 - October 2017 financial statements
 Exhibit 4 - YTD November 2017 mission support (thru 11/29/30 only)
 Exhibit 5A - Endowment fund asset allocation    
 Exhibit 5B - Endowment fund investment performance
 Exhibit 6 - Synod financial policies
 Exhibit 7 - Proposed restatement of synod investment policies
 Exhibit 8 - Managing 2017-18 year-end deficit / surplus
 Exhibit 9 - Proposed restatement of 2018-19 ministry funding plan
 Exhibit 10 - Committee / task force requests for 2018-19 allocations
 Exhibit 11 - Proposed committee / task force allocations for 2018-19
 Exhibit 12 - Synod Council principles for 2019-20 ministry funding plan

 Exhibit 13 - Funding requests for 2019-20

 Exhibit 13.1 - Additional funding requests for 2019-20

 Exhibit 14 - Proposed 2019-20 ministry funding plan

Questions about this committee may be directed to:
        Chairperson Pastor John Rossing
        Synod Treasurer Lee Smith
        Fiscal Advisor Sandra Gustavson
The Budget & Finance Committee maintains a summary of Synod Financial Policieswhich is updated each time a change is approved by the Synod Council. Agendas and exhibits for past meetings are available on the meeting archive pages (below).