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Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala

The Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala (ILAG) is our companion synod in Guatemala. Click here to visit the ILAG website. 

Each year, the Southeastern Synod sends a delegation for a week-long visit to ILAG. Click here for photos from our most recent delegation or keep reading for a reflection from one of our delegations.

Cathy Crimi (Holy Trinity, Nashville, TN) Reflects on ILAG Visit

"I am always reminded when I visit Guatemala (this was my third trip) how much we learn about being more thankful to God, and praising Him for all the blessings we have that we take for granted. This trip was no exception. Our first worship with the Iglesia de San Marcos was preceded by a Mayan celebration which gives thanks and is an intercessory prayer to God. To have this example set before us by people who have much less materially is always humbling for those of us who have so much. So often we are more worried about what we don't have than how we give thanks to God for what we do have. It also provokes us to think about how we use the gifts we are given. It was a joy to be in a community where all were so eager to hear Bible stories and learn new things. It was especially insightful for us to share our faith stories and struggles, creating links of commonality of the struggles and joys of living a faithful life in community. I pray that this time together was mutually beneficial for our living together on earth as brothers and sisters in Christ.

We appreciated the time that Pastor Karen Castillo and Bishop Horacio Castillo and the staff of Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala spent both in organizing our time in Guatemala, as well as the time spent with us throughout our trip, taking time away from their families. We pray for the continued growth of the church and its work in Guatemala."

If you have questions about our companion synod in Guatemala, please call the synod office or email Rebecca Kolowe