Companionship Synod Program

As a participant in the ELCA Companion Synod Program, the ELCA Southeastern Synod engages in companionship with five church bodies around the world: Augustinian Lutheran Church of Guatemala; the Lutheran Church in Malaysia; the Lutheran Church in Singapore; the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria; and the La Cross Area Synod in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Companionships are bilateral relationships between ELCA congregations in the United States and church bodies in other countries. The Companion Synod Program is a concrete expression of the communion fellowship among the 140 member churches of the Lutheran World Federation and an exciting way ELCA members can engaged in global mission.

Want to learn more about our companion synods? Visit our global mission page for links to profiles of the companion synods. Or, click the drop-down tabs under Companionships to visit the websites of our companion synods.