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Tornadoes Impact Albany, GA
Updated January 25, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

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While still in the early stages of mobilizing relief for Gatlinburg, TN in the wake of recent destructive fires, disaster has struck the south Georgia area. We have confirmed reports from Albany, GA that members of Lutheran Church of Our Saviour have been impacted by the weekend tornadoes. Lutheran Church of our Saviour meets at St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, Albany. Members of St. Patrick's have also been impacted. Among those who suffered loss, each congregation has a member whose home was destroyed.

In addition, tornadoes in Hattiesburg, MS over the weekend destroyed hundreds of homes. The building from which our synod's local disaster response has been coordinated was spared; however, buildings across the street from it were destroyed. Our synod's disaster ministry volunteers have been active in Hattiesburg and other areas of Mississippi following floods in early 2016. We also continue to support the long term recovery effort in the Savannah, GA area from the October 2016 hurricane.

Cash donations continue to be the most pressing need now to support infrastructure and to equip volunteers to respond in whatever ways are most needed.

Click "DONATE NOW!" above 
to give to the Southeastern Synod's Disaster Ministry Fund. By designating your gift for Southeastern Synod Local Disaster Response, you provide funds that will be used where the need is greatest. You can also specify donations to be used in Albany or in any other area in which we are currently providing disaster response by using the "Other" category.

For information about other ways to become involved, the following resources are available:
  • To offer large-scale or corporate donations, contact the Southeastern Synod's Volunteer Disaster Coordinator Ellen Koester at lst.ellenk@gmail.com

Please continue to keep all of those impacted by disaster in your prayers.



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