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Masjid Abu Bakr Siddique, Christoburg

The Muslim Education Trust built a school, a mosque and a community hall in Christoburg, Erasmia. EKIS Architects was appointed to revamp the whole project, starting with the school (see Al Ghazali College on the website).

The work to the mosque was challenging, as the structure was badly damaged (caused mostly by blocked gutters, a leaking sky light and the two heated indoor swimming pools) and the design of the existing building did not address the cultural needs of the Muslim community.

We created separate entrances for the men and women, relocated and re-designed the foot wash areas and designed new wooden screens around the female prayer area, which addressed the privacy needs of women in the Muslim culture. We created a new star-point fountain and a crescent fountain which reflects the importance of water and purification.

The existing top floor, which was mostly unused area, has been re-designed as a tertiary education learning institute, complete with a library and lecture rooms.

Furthermore, we reduced the electrical use by re-designing all lighting and by creating a natural evaporative cooling system (the crescent fountain functions as the evaporator and the new dome functions as a ventilation chimney).

All finishes has been upgraded, creating a peaceful interior – a place of quiet tranquillity.

Masjid Abu Bakr Siddique