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Al Ghazali College


The Muslim Community in Erasmia has, over time, erected a mosque, community hall and low-budget private school on four adjacent stands in Christoburg. They asked EKIS Architects to double the school space, to create proper sporting facilities and a functional community hall and to renovate the mosque. The alterations had to be done in such a way that all the buildings are aesthetic in design, yet function practically as one community facility.

EKIS Architects used traditional Muslim architectural elements throughout the renovations, such as pointed arches, key-hole arches, mosaic tile work, lattice work, strong geometrical lines and minarets (turrets). The minarets link the school visually to the mosque and serve as entry points to the school buildings.

For the extensions red bricks were chosen to match the existing school buildings and also because it is practical and low maintenance. However, so as to link the school to the white plastered mosque, white plaster work was introduced around the minarets,

The renovated premises function as a landmark in the area; a building that celebrates the Muslim culture.


Al Ghazali College