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It is the mark of an instructed mind to rest satisfied with that degree of precision which the nature of the subject admits, and not to seek exactness where only an approximation of the truth is possible. - Aristotle

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Welcome to everybody out there. For few days back, I've been trying to change the design layout and improve the contents on the site itself enriched with media. I'm very excited about the totally new media gallery of rare Nepali Classics.

Your valuable suggestions are always at my hearing. Hope the all new outlook of ekendraonline.com aka eol will yield at least something you've been looking for. (posted on Sept 10, 2008)

Enhanced Media Gallery

The Audio Section

Retaining the credentials to original authors, eol media center has been enhanced with many rare nepali classics and modern music. Listen as much as you like in the player of your choice- iPod, Radio Junkie, MP3 Player...

The Video Section

Contains videos and links to videos for eol media center. Download or watch on line movies absolutely free. (posted on Sept 9, 2008)

EOL Downloads

EOL Downloads

Download all that you have been searching for. Ready made registry hacks, double click and get most out of your XP or Vista Machine. Best tech posts from Ekendra's blog have been integrated onto the free downloads area. (click download icon to begin)

  • Windows Registry Hacks
  • USB and removable disks troubleshooting
  • Malware and Spyware preventing tools

Ekendra's Blog

Logo: Ekendra's BlogIt's revised version of Ekendra's Blog - Nearly everything that I latch on. By name, common humdrum musings and whatever it takes to ponder me over- be it a political agenda or a new GPS handset lauch or petrol scarcity in our land.

Get most read posts or most searched queries for Ekendra's Blog. From Prashant Tamang to Activating Windows XP clues. Each of us can do our part. Blog and be blogged for the world of our own.

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