Winter Gardening

L'dabar al D'vash

Honey Harvest - Sept 8th 2011

Beekeeping 101 - Sept 15th 2011

Hive Build -Sept 18th 2011

Tour De Farm 2011

Barn Raising

June at Ekar

Lag B'Omer

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Mitzvah Day

Emanuel and Tomatoes

ISIME at Ekar

Ekar, Starts, Garden, Compost

Purim & Peas

Hoop! There it is

Hazon DIY

Johnson and Wales Cooks

Sukkot Harvest Festival

Emanuel at Ekar

A year at the farm

Early Mornin Harvest

Trio of groups harvests hundreds of pounds

Everyone pitches in on the Harvest

The Girl Scouts get to work

The Many Faces of Ekar

Maayan and the Tomatoes

JCC at Ekar

Fischer Foto, The Tour at Delaney

Tour De Farm: Pictures Galore

MLP Hoop Housing

Forest Garden

Gan Maayan

JCC Ranch Camp at Ekar

Naaleh CSA Pickup

Inspired by Leket Israel

Rainbows and Rain

How Does Our Garden Grow

Finishing the orchard and herb garden

The newest gardeners

Starting our orchard

The Orchard Arrives

Herb Spiral

Tomatoes to the Farm

Planting Potatoes

Potting up the tomatoes

Starts on the way

Adding the Compost

A Picnic Table And Some Reflections

Discuss Our Dirt

Building the garden paths

Working the land

First Sprouts

Day In The Dirt Kids, Starts, and the Greenhouse

An Idea, Land and Snow

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