Camp Ekar

Camp Ekar, 2013

August 12th - 16th

$180, sibling discounts available


This summer, Ekar will host our first summer camp program for children ages 7-11.  Camp Ekar invites Jewish youth to participate in a week of exciting educational activities including farm work and gardening, environmental education, Jewish learning, music, stories, games, farm-to-table snack preparation, science, and arts & crafts.  

Judaic themes to include: L’ovda U’l’shomra: To Work and Keep the Land, Shomrei Adamah: Guardian of the Earth, Hoda’ah: Appreciation,Tikkun Olam: Repairing the world, Tzedakah: Justice, Bal Taschit: Do Not Destroy, Kavanah: Intention

Campers will weed, water, harvest and plant fall crops while helping to harvest Ekar’s twice-weekly donation to the Jewish Family Service Weinberg Food Pantry. 

Campers will also learn about bees at our two honeybee hives, explore the significance of top-soil and compost, practice and delve into Jewish values related to charity and our relationship to the earth and have fun with art projects, solar ovens, games and stories.

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