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About EIS

About EIS

EIS Association of Thailand was established from school principals and teachers that used a model of bilingual education in which students learn core subjects (Mathematics, Science and Computer) in English for integrated studies(EIS) from local Non-English speaking teachers in a poverty school.

The EIS Assumption:-

1. Learners are able to effectively learn the second language from their mother tongue, symbolic language, and their closely related environment, such that Short(S), Simple(S) and Familiar(F) so we call it SSF model.

2. If the instructor arranges the learners to practice reading and writing with the English language by using science learning skills, (Observing Knowledge (OK) Model learning skill, observation, comparison, classification, transferring and inferring,) it will lead to the increase of the learners’ ability in reading-writing and reading comprehension in English.

3.If the instructor constructs his lessons in a way that lets the learners connect the notions to the English language through analysis and mathematical problem solving, This MM Model (Mathematical Methodology Model) promotes an easier and faster way to increase the learner's English comprehension.

4. If the instructors use English enough in classroom interactions, it leads to the learner recognizing and understanding English more quickly." (Surapong, 2005,2009)
These pictures were some activities from educational sharing, collaborating and participating with the leaders or organization in any countries.

Surapong Ngamsom,
May 9, 2018, 9:58 AM