In December 2015, a call was sent out across our district:

Do you wish all your students enjoyed or even loved books and literature as much as you do?

Do you struggle with getting your students to actually read the books you assign? You are not alone. You might be interested in this video of high school boys talking about their reading experiences in school. Traditionally, in many secondary ELA classrooms the current instructional focus/model used with  reading emphasizes whole-group novel studies with independent reading and  book clubs receiving much less emphasis.

In January, EIPS will facilitate a group of 8- 10 secondary (grades 7 - 12) ELA teachers who would like to explore a different reading models in the ELA class as part of regular classroom instruction.  This teacher group will receive time (collaborate as a group to explore this independent reading instructional focus) and support (instructional and resource).  In particular, I am looking for teachers who will commit to spending class time promoting independent reading, guided reading through Book Clubs with much less  emphasis on whole group class novel studies. We will explore instructional models similar to those espoused by Penny Kittle in her book Book Love.

This website is a repository of many of the conversations, ideas and resources that came from this call...This site is a work in progress and will change as we continue our work. Please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for improvement.  The two videos below are short excerpts of students and teachers talking about the project. If you would like to read about more of our story, click here

YouTube Video

YouTube Video