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Book displays

Twenty Rules for Better Book Displays

Book displays

Six Tips for Building Better Book Displays

What to Read Next/ “If you like X try Y”

for high circulating books, create flags or displays...

New Books/ New Additions - bright flags that say I’m new...scatter them around...

Tap the Students

  • get students to recommend books

  • include excerpts of book reviews...Anythign that is new, the first person that takes it out...I ask “what did you thing?’ note is as “First read by____”

Use Pinterest (you will need to log in)


bulletin board ideas

scratch card one (Stephanie/pinterest)

Golden Ticket

Look to Current Events

  • elections

  • olympics

  • controversies

  • holidays

  • movies (especially adaptations)

bulletin board...pull books out so thay are easy to see.

Staff Recommendations

  • favourite book when they were young

  • add pictures of staff as kids

  • Turn into contest - match staff to their favourite book (works well with book fair)

Class Picks

  • “The Favourites of class 5L”

Link on Destiny (Quest) to reader’s lists (eg. create a suggested reading list on and create a link for it; link to Newbery or other awards lists, etc.)

Pictures of students reading books - advertise

Bring in authors for book talks - display their books

Book Challenges

  • lists of books, subjects and topics

  • Choose # from this list

  • quiz after?

Show Book Trailers

  • Use flat screen to show trailers during lending periods


Banned book week

  • include “reviews”

Different interpretations of books - subtext

  • What does The Giving Tree mean?


  • sticky notes, stickers for opinions…

  • laminated poster w/ wet erase marker

Fairy Tales vs Fractured Fairy Tales

Peer advisory. Ask students to rate books as they return them, then place them face-out on a special shelf….a shelf with 4 and 5s for student recommendations….

Make your display artfully cluttered. The messier the display or stack of books, the more likely the kids are to go through it. Make it look similar to their bedroom floor.

Make lists of books that are seldom circulated and display those

  • if they don’t circulate then, you know they’re weedable

Monthly Book Display Template

Monthly Book Display Template


  • People Who Lie

  • Dead Before Their Time

  • Love Bites

  • Guys who get the Chicks?

  • Off With their Heads

  • People who are more miserable than you

  • Good books with bad covers

  • Girls with attitudes (Briggs, Armstrong…)

  • Rehab

  • Books you should read before you're 21/10/100

Book marks with students’ face and first name; give to student for them to place in books?

-        Notes in books

-        Notes/placard in front of books


-        Book swap

-        Book of the day


-        Picture frames in stacks running media?        

-        Book stations outside the library?

-    Avoid best sellers and high demand books in book list displays

-bookmarks with titles of different genres

Incorporate QR codes in the display

  • link to the library page of school website; book talk site; videos; library twitter account;

  • Virtual displays for when you have no space

leave a book, take a book

  • or, apparently, just take a book...

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