Parent Information

  • Year One Parent Presentation

Year One Parent Presentation - Communicating Student Learning

  • Parent Feedback Survey - The shortened URL is: 

     Here are a few ideas schools have used when promoting the survey last year:

    1. If you hold conferences after report cards are published, have some iPads (and eager grade fives or sixes) ask parents to complete it when they visit the school
    2. Synervoice, Newsletters and websites
    3. Notes home in the agenda
    4. Create and place a bright label on the report card bag stating something like:

    Please complete our report card survey:

    5.       Include the link in your principal’s message on the report card.

     It is an expectation of the Board that every elementary parent is made aware of the survey and as many as possible respond.  The survey will close on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

    CSL Parent Survey 2016 - 2017

  • Parent Information Booklet and Brochure have been developed and are available to schools.  Consider sharing one or the other via year end report cards. 

  • Here is a link to a CSL Parent Letter which principals may wish to include or email with the first report card.  The letter outlines how parents can access the digital report card via PowerSchool.

  • To download copies of the Parent Guides, open the Google Doc, go to FILE -> Download as -> and then select the file type you would like. You can also share the link to the Google Doc Folder - Parent Guides for Grade Level Categories:

  • Parent Guides for Grade Level Categories