Data Recovery Labs, Inc. was a privately held corporation, originally located in Clearwater, Florida.  Started in 1993 by Adam Sharp, DRL quickly found an enviable niche in the Data Recovery Industry by developing certain proprietary tools which are used in the recovery process still today.

In 2006, E-Hounds took primary control of DRL operations consolidating the advanced technology used in Data Recovery, and utilizing the ever evolving industry recognized tools developed to support Computer Forensics, E-Discovery, and Litigation Support. 

How did we get here?

With the development of higher density track designs in addition to other storage advancements (smaller, lighter, faster, and MUCH more fragile), there was a greater call for Data Recovery Specialists. DRL began employing technicians and engineers with extensive experience in the evaluation and recovery of lost data, in conjunction with multiple operating system skills.  

This experience allowed Data Recovery Labs to develop even more proprietary designs and techniques to further the possibility of Data Recovery.  Our technicians are in constant contact with the latest research in storage technology, as well as our industry partners.  

We use proven technologies and provide proven results.

"Would you believe it's magic?

  • DRL's success rate is one of the highest in the industry, nearly 85% of all media received is recovered successfully. 

  • When it comes to Software related failures, such as corruption and virus damage, almost 95% of all media received is recovered.  
We understand that data loss causes expensive down time and lost productivity... That's why our services focus on one goal: The prompt, secure return of your valuable data.