Grades 3-5 Maker Unit

Maker Challenge


  1. Select your group of 2-3 people. You may work alone if you feel it is needed.

  1. Select a team name. Come up with norms for how your team will work.

Norms are how you will work, how you will make decisions, how you will speak to each other.

  1. Decide on specialties

  • photographer: takes pictures all along during the Challenge

  • materials: gathers the materials and ensures everything is neat and in order

  • communications: makes sure all notes are complete and that Mrs. P is informed

  1. Select a Maker Challenge (remember your norms!)

  1. Use the design thinking model below to begin and continue your process.


Step 1 Arrow, Black, Silhouette     Step 2 Arrow, Black, Silhouette         Step 3 Arrow, Black, Silhouette       Step 4 Arrow, Black, Silhouette Step 5

Imagine         Plan                 Create                    Test                 Adjust


                                                  Test and adjust repeats as necessary.

Use your thinking form while you do the steps above.

Challenge Timeline

week 1: form teams, select name, create norms, view the model challenge

week 2: select challenge, begin design process, submit materials request

HW: research using the resources page

week 3: begin build, test, adjust, reflect

HW: research and adjust plans

week 4: continue build, test, adjust, reflect, complete build

HW: complete reflection form on Edmodo

week 5: create presentation, load presentation to Edmodo

HW: invite parents to Maker Museum

week 6: Maker Museum and share

Below you will find the thinking form used in planning and creating.

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