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Trial of Adolf Eichmann

In the picture above Adolf Eichmann is in a glass that is bullet proof during the time when he was tried.

This is a big thing the Jews have done taken one of the leaders of the Nazis and given him the death sentence. This shows that we are able to punish the crimanls who do horrible acts against Israel and the Jewish people. That we are a nation and that if you are a Jew you can go to Israel your home land and not be discrimnated against in the country you are in that you have a life somewhere that people will treat you good and be not insulted by the people.


Adolf Eichmann was a top Nazi officer after world war two he left his home in Austria to hide in Argentina. On May 1960 he was found in a secret mission by Israeli officers and taken to Israel to be tried. In his trials there were hundreds of Jewish survivors from the holocaust that told their story about their life in the holocaust for the first time.


Adolf Eichmann was charged on crimes done to the Jewish nation and inhumane acts of horrors and the sending of Jews all over Europe to torture and killing centers and the sending of Gypsies to torture and killing centers and for participation in illegal organizations’ such as the security service Gestapo and the storm troopers.


Adolf Eichmann was convicted guilty and got the death sentence and was hanged on June 1 1962. Till this day the hanging of Adolf Eichmann’s death sentence has been the only death sentence in Israel.


Here is a part of the trial on youtube click the following link to see it


bibliography I got this inforamtion from http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005179

by Ari Siegel