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Israeli Inventions

Israel tops  the G7 countries in the number of patents per person. Israel is an invention
 "powerhouse." Some Israeli inventions benefit the world dramatically and some inventions are
just plain fun. Israeli inventions vary from foods to energy conservation systems to advances in
technology. Israel might be incredibly small but makes up for it in  its creativity and knowledge.
Here are some inventions that I  chose that are really interesting: 


Rummikub is an amazing and challenging game which involves tiles. The object of the game is to play all of your tiles.


 Bamba is popular israeli snack. It is puffed corn that is peanut butter flavor and extremely crunchy. Invented by Osem, it makes up 25% of the Israeli  snack market with all different kinds of flavors.


Drip Irrigation

Created in 1866 in Israel, this invention  saved  water and soil by slowly dripping water on the roots. This invention 
helped the whole world.

Cherry Tomato 

The cherry tomato is a miniature version of a tomato.Two Israeli scientists came up with the cherry tomato in 1973.