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Golda Meir

Golda Meir


Early Years

    Born Golda Mabovitz, Golda Meir was born on May 3rd, 1989. She was born in Kiev, Russia. Since she lived in Russia, being a jew, her family was treated badly. When Golda was 8 years old she moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Golda's mom opened a small shop, and her dad became a carpenter. Golda and her sister went to school in Milwaukee. When golda became a teenager her parents wanted her to get married, but Golda wasn't ready to make a long-life commitment. Since her parents urged her so much, she went to live with her sister Shana, in Colorado. In denver, Golda was impressed with the Zionists that gathered in Shana's house. That's when Golda started to support the Zionist communities.

Young Adulthood

    Even though she went to Colorado to avoid getting married, she found Morris Meyerson, the man of her dreams. Morris also left Russia to be treated better. They had a problem, Morris wanted to stay in America, and Golda wanted to make aliyah. After a year in Colorado, she went back to Milwaukee. In Milwaukee she join the Labor Zionist Movment, and decided to go to a school for teachers.


Making Aliyah

    In the late 1917 Golda learned about the Balfour Decleration which gave Jews a homeland. Morris didn't want to leave the U.S. but he didnt want to leave Golda either so he chose to go to Israel with Golda. They joined a kibbutz in Galilee. Morris didn't like life on the kibbutz so they moved to Jerusalem. There Morris found a job, and in 1951 he died. She adopted the name "Meir" in 1956.

Political Career

    She was elected to the Womans Labor Coucil of Histadrut's executive committee in 1934. She was also an international zionist representative so she spent a year in America in 1932. In 1946 she became president of the political bureau of the Jewish Agency. After 1948 she was Israel' s minister to Moscow, labor minister, and, from 1956 to 1966, foreign minister. She became secretary general of Mapai in 1966. Mapia is Israels Workers Party.


Prime Minister

    She became Prime Minister in 1969. Her main problems as a prime minister involved the Arab territories they got in the 6 Day War. Part of her party that was led by Defense Minister Moshe Dayan wanted to colonize and incorporate the Arabs. To make peace with the Arabs, moderates were willing to give Har Sinai to Egypt and the Golan Heights to Syria, and the West Bank to become part of Jordan. Golda usually sided with Dayan, but she supported the moderates. People blamed Golda for being unprepared for the Yom Kippur War, so they wanted to kick her out of government. In April, 1974 she resigned from her position as Prime Minister. On December 8th 1978 she died in Yerushalayim.

Golda Meir