Curriculum and Lesson Planning Resources

Backwards Design

First: Clearly identified desired result (Grade Level Evidence Outcome)
Second:  Determine evidence of learning (How will you know?, What will student do?)
Third:  Plan learning experiences, instruction plan, and best tools.
Fourth: Reflect, is it working? 

Curriculum and Lesson Planning Resources
Rich Wiles and Judy Schmid knocked it out of the park when they created this resource offered by Human Kinetics   

"This resource provides a complete K-5 PE program that is delivered online and easily accessed from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. It is easy to navigate and loaded with high-quality lessons, activities, and assessments aligned with new national PE standards and sure to engage students."

OPEN is a free curriculum project that provides complete outcomes-based physical education instructional modules, activities, assessments and resources. Its backward design begins with the SHAPE America Grade-Level Outcomes and builds in strategies and tasks for ensuring academic rigor in the PE classroom. OPEN is a public service of US Games.

Lesson Plan Templates

The National Lesson Plan Creator is a free online planner created by a group of awesome PE teachers. This Google Form allows you to simply build a Standard Based Lesson using a backward design approach.
     Lesson Plan template Google Docs (remember to make a copy for your use!)
     Lesson Plan template download so you can edit
     Kevin Tiller's Lesson Plan template (sample first grade)

Other Lesson Planning Resources

Lesson Planner Apps

Online lesson planning platform allows access between devices and  links to Shape America National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes. First Month is free, $12/year subscription.

Online Lessons
Lynn Hefele has created innovative standard based lessons that tie into literature and math common core.

Standards Resources

Shape America Standards
Membership to Shape America is currently free to any PE teacher participating in a Hoops for Heart or Jump Rope for Heart Event and raising $2000.

 Available hard copy or ebook through Human Kinetics

Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU)

Author:  Shane Pill, Flinders University School of Education and President, SA Branch, Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation 

TGFU w/Nathan Horne and Adam Howell Google Hangout

TGFU 101
From Canada's PE association this is TGFU 101