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Current StuCo Members

Executive Committee 
Co- Presidents:
Alistair Schwab
Erin Emery
 Secretary: Ashley Trotter 
Treasurer: Tori Lahrman

Committee Chairs 
 - Committee of Public Relations:  
 - Committee of Events, Assemblies & Morale: 
 - Committee of Student/Faculty Relations & School Improvement: 

Class Representatives 
  • Erin Emery
  • Mitch Gardner
  • Makenna Green
  • Stryker Heroux
  • Tori Lahrman
  • Ricky Mills
  • Ryleigh Sutcliffe
  • Ashley Trotter
  • Madison DeCicco
  • Will DeLay
  • Emily Jensen
  • Kaitlin McConnell
  • Gigi Newcomer- Neeson
  • Cole Carmody
  • Jordan Emery
  • Emily Hoffmeister
  • Paige Romero
  • Riley Sedlar
  • Rachel Trotter
  • Cheyenne Jacobs
  • Grace Johnson
  • Henry Kacik
  • Sage Michel
  • Lela Myers
  • Hope Newcomer- Neeson
    **All student council representatives are voted onto the council by their classes at the end of the school year. School wide presidential elections are held in June of each school year. All other positions are voted upon by current Student Council members at the beginning of each year.**
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