Mrs. Meyer 3rd-5th  School Counselor

Phone: 970-887-3312

Email: jantrey.meyer@egsd.org

Mrs. Meyer graduated with her Master’s degree in School Counseling from Niagara University. She is certified as a school counselor in Colorado and New York. Mrs. Meyer is dedicated to assisting all students in achieving academic success, personal and career development, and ensuring that today’s students become productive and well-adjusted citizens.

The Counseling Office at Granby Elementary School provides a comprehensive counseling program that focuses on academic, career, and personal/social competencies promoting optimal development for all students.  It is a warm and confidential place where students can build on their skills to be successful at whatever they do.  Mrs. Meyer provides assistance and teaches skills in individual, small group, and classroom settings.

Individual Services

Mrs. Meyer is available to meet with students when they encounter difficult life situations that may interfere with their ability to learn. This might include grief/loss, peer problems, family changes, stress, anxiety, academic problems, or other issues. While Mrs. Meyer is not a licensed therapist, and cannot practice as such, she is able to provide guidance, tips and tools to make life easier for our students here. She is also available to assist with parenting issues as well, and can assist by observing children in the classroom setting to provide insight and feedback.

Group Services

Peer support groups are available to all students as part of the counseling program. The purpose of group counseling is to provide a setting for kids to talk to other kids about problems they may have in common. Groups meet once a week and run for approximately eight weeks.



Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives. Mrs. Meyer works with students to teach them strategies to resolve conflicts they may have with friends or classmates.


Bear Club 

Mrs. Meyer delivers lessons in the classroom every week on various topics such as social skills, conflict resolution, respect, friendship, bullying, self-control, communication skills, drug awareness, peer pressure, stress, and career awareness.