We have a full day kindergarten program at GES where we have tons of fun learning and growing!

Kindergarteners will study each letter of the alphabet in depth throughout the year. As we progress through the school year, students will begin to blend consonant-vowel-consonant words together (c-a-t) and will move into blending consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant words together (c-h-i-p or g-r-i-n).

Kindergarteners will also learn and practice the basic story elements of character, setting, sequence, and fiction and nonfiction.

In math, we will study 2D and 3D shapes, numbers up to 100, and the composition and decomposition of numbers to ten. We use many manipulatives to make math extremely hands on and fun.

Kindergarteners begin the writing process by correctly forming their letters and the learning each letter's appropriate positioning on a line. We then move in to drawing a picture to represent an idea, with teacher dictation of students' ideas. Kindergarteners will then begin to draw and label their own pictures, and will move towards writing 2-3 complete sentences independently by the end of kindergarten.

Students also have P.E., science, music, art, computer, and library time each week. We are very busy!

Our three kindergarten teachers are Mrs. Miyauchi, Mrs. Rankin, and Mrs. Devore. We all LOVE building the foundation of the love of learning by teaching kindergarten!! :)

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Please read to your kindergartener each evening for 20 minutes. This is critical for emergent readers! Students also create readers each week at school that they should be placing in their book boxes when they get home. They love to read these to you! Also, please study sight words with your student. Sight words must be read hundreds of times before they really stick. Your child's teacher will be happy to provide index cards for you to use as flash cards at home. 
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