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Being a reformed engineer, I like to be efficient; why recreate the wheel:

This site is to aid other educators in using Google Apps for Education.

Thank you to all the wonderful educators & trainers that have created the resources that are posted on this site. 
Together we work to lead the next generation through proficiency of 21st Century Skills and in becoming Lifelong Learners!  

Helpful YouTube Channels: 

Google Gooru - An information resource where you can learn everything you need to know about using Google Apps. 

Kevin Brookhouser - An English teacher who uses technology extensively in the classroom.  

Jay Atwood - HS Educational Tech Coordinate, Google Certified Teacher, Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer. 

Amy Mayer - friEdTechnology

Anson Alexander - Tutorials on Google Apps, social media and other software platforms

Helpful Blog Posts

Teacher Tech - Alice Keeler
Shake Up Learning - Kasey Bell