Academic Decathlon

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Academic Decathlon

The Academic Decathlon program promotes student achievement and provides the opportunity for students to realize the potential of their intellectual ability and to appreciate value of academic pursuit. Nine students compete on a team composed of a combination of three Honor “A”, three Scholastic “B”, and three Varsity “C” students.


The Academic Decathlon consists of ten events. It is a team competition, as well as one for individuals. In a typical Decathlon competition, students are tested in seven areas: economics, fine arts, language and literature, mathematics, science, social science and the Super Quiz. In addition the students amass points in three communication events: the speech event (prepared and impromptu), the oral interview event, and the essay-writing event. The Decathlon concludes with the Super Quiz, a quiz-bowl format in which each division answers fifteen questions read orally before an audience.


By encouraging students to compete for awards and recognition academically, just as athletes do physically, the Decathlon provides an antidote to intellectual apathy. The Academic Decathlon recognizes the individual winners in each of its events. Every event awards a gold medal and a money gift from the State.  (Senior gold medal winners are also eligible for tuition scholarships at several state schools.)  However, it is the well-rounded team whose combined scores for all 10 events will bring them to the topmost ranks of the champions. This is the Decathlon’s way of emphasizing a growth of knowledge in all academic fields rather than a specialization in one.

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