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  • Is your company or department facing an environmental problem that requires rapid access to complementary expertise? 
    Air quality management services concepts
  • Are you looking for an expert resource without necessarily hiring?
  • Would you like to have an external or neutral resource to evaluate a project, study, or response to a call for tenders?
  • You want to develop an air emissions or associated issues management plan?
  • Is your project or need too small for a large firm of consultants?
  • Would you like to examine your options and their impacts or call on someone new to suggest new ideas for your situation?

A freelance consultants can be an efficient and effective option: the mandate is clearly defined, as well as its duration and cost.

Denis Dionne provides services to companies (including collaboration with larger consulting firms) and different levels of government to support them in the sound management of environmental aspects for which they are responsible. The systemic approach used involves consideration for existing links during an intervention – economic, health and safety, process, and social – unlike management based solely on abiding by current legislation.

Mr. Dionne also works with a network of seasoned freelance consultants in the environmental sector, and has dealt with various companies and government entities, making the identification of additional support and resources simpler.

When offering support, EGS Ecosupport aims to:
• Provide a personalized service, tailored to the needs of the customer;
• Ensure confidentiality of all information;
• Execute the tasks using senior staff, not junior staff or outsourcing;
• Comply with pre-established budgets and deadlines;
• Establish a positive synergy with the customer by participating in their sustainable growth;
• Integrate environmental aspects and ethics in delivery while considering the overall viability of the customer's activities.

Services offered include :
Environmental impact studies related to atmospheric emissions;
Management of environmental issues (air emissions including odor and GHGs, waste management, energy, climate change) and general project management ;
Third-party analysis and assessment;
Information research;
Analysis of technical data;
Optimization of procedures and processes;
Technology analyses and trials;
Monte Carlo analysis (integration in impact studies and decision processes);
Inventory and calculations of atmospheric emissions (all types of contaminants including GHGs);
Development of air issues management plans;
Development of procedures, regulations or in-house training;
Air dispersion modelling (Screen, Aermod, Aerscreen, Calpuff, Ashrae, etc.);
Development of air emissions management strategic plans (including GHGs);
Liaison between government agencies and stakeholders (registered lobbyist in Quebec).

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