Denis Dionne, Eng., MScA, EP

Senior Environmental Advisor
Denis Dionne EGS Ecosupport
Mr. Denis Dionne is a senior engineer with more than 20 years of experience (process engineering and consulting).  He possesses in depth experience with all stakeholders normally involved in the management and resolution of environmental challenges.  

Since 2010, he offers his services in air quality management as an independent consultant under EGS Ecosupport.  His specialties include environmental impact studies related to atmospheric emissions, the strategic and rational management of environmental problems, the optimization of procedures and processes, the analysis and implementation of technologies, the calculation and inventory of atmospheric emissions in various sectors, and consultation and interaction with governmental agencies. His professional career has included positions with different companies and organizations as plant and project engineer, enabling him to adequately consider the positions of both industry and different levels of government.

In particular, Mr. Dionne has served as senior review engineer at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, auditing emission inventories and impact studies.  More recently, worked as project engineer on composting and soil treatment related issues.  Mr. Dionne also regularly serves as technical expert and independent reviewer for GHG validation and verification mandates within Enviro-access where he also supervised or supported the creation of GHG action plans for more than 50 municipalities under the Municipal climate program of the Quebec’s ministry of the environment.

Mr. Dionne takes a practical and rational approach to the analysis of life cycles, the evaluation of emissions calculations, and atmospheric modelling. He also has recognized experience in environmental auditing at the industrial level and in data analysis and compilation. Mr. Dionne’s work is systemic, collaborative, and adapted to client needs.
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Lecturer - Centre universitaire de formation en environnement (CUFE) - Université de Sherbrooke:
  • Teaching: Air pollution and GHG (Bachelor’s level)
  • Teaching: GHG inventories and carbon credits (Master’s level)
  • Supervising master’s level essays:
    • Relationship between odor emissions from a composting site and complaints (2008)
    • The carbon market in Quebec (SPEDE): analysis and challenges (2013)
    • Application of industrial ecology to breweries: Analysis and identification of critical factors (2013)
    • Feasibility analysis of enhanced oil recovery combined with CO2 sequestration by Canadian oil and chemical industries (2014)
    • Multi-criteria analysis of coastal ecosystems in the management of natural disasters in India (2014)
    • Climate Change Adaptation for mining site reclamation in the tropics (2014)
    • The GHG validation process: a framework necessary for reduction programs in Quebec? (2014)
    • Climate change and heat islands: Adaptation performance indicators (2015)
    • Municipal climate change adaptation in Quebec (2016)
Denis Dionne,
May 4, 2016, 11:47 AM