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Independent consultants can make a valuable contribution to your team: their mandate is clearly defined and has a specific duration and cost. Consider this option if your company or department is facing an environmental problem or staff shortage that requires rapid additional expertise; if you need an external and neutral resource to assess a project, study, or respond to a call for tenders; or if your project or need is too small for a large group of consultants.


Support adapted to your needs

Solving complex problems or facing requests or projects that surpass your team’s availability or expertise can be a problem in the context of limited budgets and resources. The use of external resources might seem like an expensive option, but if the mandate focuses on the real need and is accelerated with an expert resource, a consultant’s mandate can in fact cost considerably less and be more efficient. EGS Ecosupport’s first step is to understand your actual needs and to divide the project into logical stages. The definition of the mandate(s) leads to an optimal sequence of events to ensure clear deliverables and results – and projects that end with the required achievement of research, analysis, and work results = solutions!. 

Coordination, interaction, follow-up, deadlines, and the exact form of deliverables are all pre-determined with the client. The identification of potential risks is also part of the mandate-definition process. A collaborative approach is therefore preferred, with mandate reviews and redefinitions possible throughout the project.

Environmental management is not always simple. A well-thought-out, methodical, iterative, step-by-step, and systemic approach is therefore important.

EGS Ecosupport air quality management solutions


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