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Web Links

Area Music Stores

Meyer Music
meyer-music.com- (616) 975-1122

Marshall Music Co
www.marshallmusic.com - (616) 530-7700

College Music Programs

Grand Rapids Community College - http://grcc.edu/
Michigan State University School of Music - http://www.music.msu.edu 
Spartan Marching Band - http://www.spartanband.net 
University of Michigan School of Music - http://www.music.umich.edu 
The Michigan Marching Band - http://mmb.music.umich.edu 
Wharton Center @ MSU - http://www.whartoncenter.com 
Cental Michigan University School of Music - http://www.mus.cmich.edu/ 
Western Michigan University School of Music - http://www.wmich.edu/music/ 
Eastern Michigan University School of Music - http://www.emich.edu/music/ 
Grand Valley State University School of Music - http://www.gvsu.edu/music/ 
IndianaMarching.com - http://www.indianamarching.com

EGR Specific Sites

EGR Weather
EGR Public Schools
J.W. Pepper - Search for, and listen to, most of the music we play in band!

Free Tuners, Metronome and Countdowns Online

Free Online Bomb Timer - Just set the time, and start the countdown!
Free Online Stop Watch
Free Online Metronome - set the speed, then turn it on
The 7th String Metronome
Free Online Chromatic Tuner
Tone Generator

Got Braces?

Brace Guard - developed and patented by a well-known practicing orthodontist and university trumpet professor. !
The Morgan Bumper - "The Morgan Bumper is designed to provide orthodontic patients with a comfortable, easily installed shield for their brackets that bumpers their lips and cheeks from discomfort often associated with braces."

Leadership and Character Development

Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success
Quotes to Inspire
Leadership Development
Attitude Concepts - Tim Lautzenheiser's Student Leadership Clinics

Music Associations in Michigan

Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association - (MSBOA)
Michigan School Vocal Music Association - (MSVMA)
Michigan Competing Bands Association - (MCBA)
MSBOA State B&O Fest Proficiencies - Categorized by instrument for your convenience!

Music Theory

Music Tech Teacher - TONS of music games and quizes in many differnt formats such as flash, etc... 
VCU Music Theory - Downloadable Music Theory Worksheets! 
eMusicTheory.com - More Java-based music theory practice 
MusicTheory.net - Great music theory page. 
Teoria Music Web - Music theory practice

Online Games for all Instruments

Sight Reading Game - A great tool to increase your sight reading skills: You can adjust the settings for speed, octaves, ledger lines and etc. 
Oboe Fingering Trainer - The best OBOE fingering trainer there is. Hands down. 
Bassoon Fingering Trainer - The best BASSOON fingering trainer there is. Hands down. 
FluteFingering Trainer - The best FLUTE fingering trainer there is. Hands down. 
Clarinet Fingering Trainer - The best CLARINET fingering trainer there is. Hands down. 
DrumRudiments.com - Free Drum Rudiments, Videos, & Resources 
Vic Firth Drum Rudiments - The 40 Standard Rudiments with graphics, audio examples, video and more! 
Musicracer - Test yourself on fingerings: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Sax, Trombone, French Horn, Trumpet, Baritone, etc... 
MusicTheory.net Brass Trainer - Test yourself on BRASS fingerings: Defaults to trumpet, but you can select different instruments. 
Oboe Finering Software - Download this small program (windows only?) to help with Oboe fingerings 
Woodwind.org - Fingerings for all the woodwind instruments 
Flute Fingerings - Click the note to display the fingering 
Flute Fingerings - Hover mouse over the note to display the fingering 
The Virtual Flute - 3 Different ways to learn fingerings 
LarryKrantz.com Flute Fingerings - �One of the best flute sites in the world� 
Conn-Selmer Fingering Charts - Fingering charts for all instruments 
Download-able Flute Fingerings - From Gemeinhardt 
Brass Fingering Charts - From music teachers network page 

Online Music Retailers

Flute World
J.W. Pepper
The Woodwind and Brasswind
Sweetwater - Really great selection of musical instruments and music audio technology. 


The Grand Rapids Symphony