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Class Structure

8th grade band showcases the first time when students have the opportunity to meet as a full band every day of the week. No more having to try to remember if it’s a 1­day or 2­day to bring the instrument or not ­ bring it every day! There are many more opportunities for performances in the 8th grade, such as marching in the homecoming parade, participation in Band Festival, performing alongside the high school marching band in the bleechers, and even our annual trip to a Whitecaps game and much more!


Due to its unique nature, enrollment in band at East Grand Rapids Middle School is a year­long commitment. Please understand the skills necessary to be successful in band are developmental and each student progresses at his or her own rate. Practice and study usually dictate that rate. It is not unusual for even the most talented student to become frustrated at times. We believe it is then that the student’s diligence will most often lead to the greatest understanding.


Please visit egrmsband.com , our official Band Website where you can find important information, assignments, concert dates and much more! Feel free to bookmark www.egrmsband.com for easy recall.

We also use schoology.com for many great resources. If a parent wishes to activate a parent account on schoology, please contact Mr. Bier or Mr. Wells, and we will reply to the email with the parent code specific to your child. This will allow the parent/guardian to see what the child sees without access to other student info.

To keep up with all things EGR Band Related, including facebook pages and much more, visit this very helpful Symbaloo page: bit.do/egrweblinks

School­Owned Instruments

Many instruments can be difficult to transport, especially the large ones. Depending on availability, the school can often times help by assigning a school­owned instrument to use at home or at school. These instruments should be taken care of with the utmost respect, and any damages should be reported immediately.


  1. Class Responsibility 30% of your grade
    Students will earn FIVE participation points a day. Students who do not have their instrument will receive a zero and students who are missing music or their band book will get partial credit. Habitual missing items will result in phone calls home . Parents should send a note when the instrument is in the shop so that there are no misunderstandings. Students who display behavioral disruptions more than once in a class, will lose their participation points for that day.

  2. Tests and Quizzes 35% of your grade
    Students have several assessment opportunities throughout the semester. We will have written assessments to make sure students understand how to read music and count rhythm and playing assessments so that I can hear each student’s playing ability. Some playing tests will be live but most will be recorded via smartphones using the schoology app.

  3. Performance Attendance 30% of your grade
    All required performances are mandatory for every band student. Excused absences from performances include:

Illness with parent/guardian contact
Family emergency with parent/guardian contact
Notification of absence at least 2 weeks prior to the performance date by a parent/guardian (family vacation/activity)

If you are excused from the performance, you will need to consult the “Missed Performance Make­Up” sheet found on the MS Band Website under the Downloads section

Unexcused absences from performances include: Illness without parent/guardian contact

Family Emergency without parent/guardian contact
Notification of absence less than 2 weeks prior to the performance Sports obligations (we can usually work these conflicts out) Disinterest

Any unexcused absence cannot be made up and will result in a zero for the performance grade.

4. Listening Requirement (Live Performance Observation) 5% of your grade
Once per marking period students should find time after school or on the weekend to attend a live music performance featuring or including their band instrument. All information regarding this portion of the grade can be found on the “MS Performance Attendance Rubric” found on the MS Band Website. 

Class Procedure and Rules

  1. Check the screen for daily announcements, class objectives, and assignments. Get out all necessary materials (instrument, accessories, music stand, music, PENCIL).

  2. When the teacher steps on the podium all warming­up and talking should stop. With many students in a band, it can get loud. Please pay attention for this signal to begin class.

  3. Remember to raise your hand if you wish to have the attention of the class. Please do not talk out or distract from others’ education.

  4. If you have a question or concern NOT RELATED TO THE REHEARSAL always ask the teacher who is NOT leading the rehearsal.

  5. The only things found on your music stand should be: your music, book and pencil. The stands were not designed to hold binders or text books. (Or instruments and people!)

  6. School instruments should always be stored in the designated cubbies (on the right side and back of the room as you enter). Personal instruments should always be stored on the left side of the room as you enter).

  7. Only the percussionists may touch the percussion equipment.

  8. You may play the piano after receiving permission from the teacher.

  9. Nobody is allowed to touch an instrument that does not belong to them in any way.

  10. Please write down your instrument serial number and keep it at home in a safe place.

  11. This class may not be recorded in any way without the prior permission of the instructor.

  12. Do not bring a device to class unless instructed by the teacher.

  13. Anything other than instruments is not allowed in the instrument cubbies (music should be stored in your hallway locker)

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