Janice Yates is a Social Studies teacher at East Grand Rapids High School. Mrs. Yates teaches a variety of courses, including Economics, AP Government, AP Micro and Macroeconomics, and AP Government.

Please utilize this site as a comprehensive resource for students and parents. If you have any questions regarding this  site or the information herein, please feel free to contact Mrs. Yates, either at jyates@egrps.org or (616) 235-7555, ext. 5239.

                Mrs. Yates' Fall Semester Schedule
 1st Hour 7:40-8:47Economics
 2nd Hour 8:52-9:50AP Macro
 3rd Hour 9:55-10:53
 4th Hour10:58-11:56Planning
 5th Hour12:01-12:59
 6th Hour 1:04-2:02AP Macro
 7th Hour 2:07-3:05AP Macro

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