Janice Yates is a Social Studies Teacher at East Grand Rapids High School. She teaches a variety of courses, including Guided Studies, Economics, AP Micro and Macroeconomics, Constitutional Studies (Honors), and AP Government. She is also the coach of the East Grand Rapids High School We the People Team.

Please utilize this site as a comprehensive resource for students and parents. If you have any questions regarding this  site or the information herein, please feel free to contact Mrs. Yates, either at jyates@egrps.org or (616) 235-7555, ext. 5239.

                Mrs. Yates' Spring Semester Schedule
 1st Hour 7:40-8:47Guided Studies
 2nd Hour 8:52-9:50Economics
 3rd Hour 9:55-10:53Economics
 4th Hour10:58-11:56Lunch
 5th Hour12:01-12:59
 6th Hour 1:04-2:02AP Macro
 7th Hour 2:07-3:05AP Macro

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