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Summer Reading Assignments for Incoming AP and IB-HL students:

Summer Reading Assignment #1: 

Summer Reading Assignment #2: 

Regarding Summer Reading Assignments:
Mrs. Lagrand and Hazle strongly recommend acquiring a bound journal to use for the summer reading assignment #2 and for use throughout the upcoming school year.
Completing the assignments over the course of the summer is expected. Your NYTimes GDoc must show a history that spans at least 4 weeks, with entries at least 5 days apart. Pace yourself to get through MX. Write your journal entries as you go. The book is more than 400 pages.

July 11 update: 

Less than half of the enrolled students have begun the Summer Reading Contest. YOU MUST START SOON if you are going to meet the expectations of the assignment!

For those who have started: 
Keep those NYTimes entries going--they are looking great so far! If you haven't already, let me encourage you to begin reading Malcolm X and keep reading all kinds of great books all through your summer! 

Grades on Skyward

The New YorkerComma Queen

Fox Friends 
by Liz Hazle
Time to head out on a summer adventure!
(including the adventure of reading good books!)
Recommendation letter information:
I will write recommendation letters for the first 13 students who ask, complete the rec letter student form linked here, and complete the necessary steps on Family Connection/Naviance.

Rec Letter List with Family Connection completion date:
1. Cate Turner   6/12
2. Lea Schmitt   6/13
3. Becca Sholler 6/15
4. Jacob Rogers  6/15
5. Libby Moskal  6/16
6. Ciara White   6/25