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Bell Top Health Office 

Margie Secor, RN


While your child is here at Bell Top we will do our best to keep your child healthy and safe.

Here are a few requirements as we start the school year together:


doctor’s order and parent permission is required to administer medication in school. 

This is for prescription medications AND over-the- counter medications, including Cough Drops. 

No medication is allowed on the bus with student; it must be brought in by the parent.  You can get forms from the health office or download forms using our link (Medical Authorization Forms). 

You may also have your doctor fax your child's physical to (518)283-4715.


It is mandated by New York State for physicals to be done on every student in kindergarten, second, fourth and any newly entering student.  

It is recommended that you have a private physician do the physical because they know your child’s history, leading to a more thorough exam. Although we do have our school doctor come in one day per year to do physicals if your child has not had one by then. 

We can accept a physical that was done within the last 12 months within the State of New York upon the student entering school.  NYS is also asking for Dental forms on the same years as the physicals. You can download both forms using our link (Physical and Dental Forms).


NYS requires the following in order to start school:

·       4-5 DPT
·       3-4 IPV or OPV (polio)
·       2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
·       3 Hepatitis B
·       2 Varicella

As always if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please do not hesitate to call me at (518)207-2604.

Thank you,

Margie Secor, RN