Section Two: Group Reports

"Section Two gives a variety of examples showing how God is at work. Leaders of the various groups wrote many of these reports. Other reports were written or revised by the research staff at Emmanuel Gospel Center. This section also includes reports on multi-cultural churches, international student ministry, and summaries of the way God has worked among people groups which have been in this region much longer. We trust these reports can be an inspiration, a source of ideas for ministry, and a resource that enables leaders to network with people and ministries of other cultures. We realize that not every specific church or ministry can be mentioned in this publication, but we have provided specific information about some people and ministries so that people will have examples and sufficient information to tap into networks and find other ministries which are not mentioned." *

All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing, just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and understood God’s grace in all its truth. Col. 1:6b NIV

Contents by People Groups, Ethnic Groups, and Affinity Groups:

I. Americas 
     A. Native American 
     B. Hispanic 
     C. Brazilian 
     D. Euro-American 
     E. African American 
     F. West Indian 
     G. Haitian 

II. Africa 
     A. West Africa
          1. Cape Verdean
          2. Nigerian
          3. Liberian
          4. Ghanian
     B. East & Central African 
          1. Kenyan
          2. Ugandan
          3. Ethiopian, Eritrean

III. Asia 
     A. East Asian 
          1. Chinese 
          2. Korean 
          3. Japanese 
     B. South East Asian 
          1. Indonesian 
          2. Filipino 
          3. Burmese/Myanmar 
          4. Cambodian 
     C. South Asian 
          1. Indian  
          2. Bengali 

IV. Other 
     B. Jewish ministry 
     C. Middle Eastern, Arabic, Armenian, Greek 

Contents by Article Title:

I. Americas 

II. Africa 

III. Asia 

IV. Other 
24. Multicultural Church Profile

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* Quoted from the Introduction of the New England's Book of Acts