Section One: Overview

"Section One of  New England’s Book of Acts provides an overview both historically and internationally of some of the ways God has worked among people who came to Boston and New England. This section gives a framework to guide our thinking. Research on past revivals and the current Quiet Revival help us gain perspective and look forward to what God will continue to do in our midst. Hopefully, these articles will give us “Kingdom Eyes” to expand our vision and work together in new ways which build on what we learn from the past, what we learn from experience gained in many different countries, and what reflection on God’s Word has revealed to us." *

Seeing, discovering, describing, understanding, learning, connecting, and engaging the whole church for God's Kingdom!

9. Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven

Download the Section 1 PDF version of the original New England's Book of Acts, published in 2007 here.

Note: This version is not necessarily identical with the web version.

* Quoted from the Introduction of the New England's Book of Acts