education to advance sustainable development
A Collaborative Development Zone for Israelis and Palestinians

The collaborative development zone policy proposal envisions a Green Belt
joining the Israeli and Palestinian peoples with a necklace of green parks,
technology parks, performing arts areas and agricultural research tracts,
based along the 1967 Green Line.

One focus of the Green Belt is a portfolio endowment policy. Green Belt
enterprises have a portion of their shares included in a financial instrument
with which each current and future Israeli and Palestinian citizen is automatically endowed.

The research: analyzes the legacy of stalemate using a mathematical model,
contextualizes alternative choices of the two peoples, develops the proposal
and projects the effects. The Green Belt proposal is inherently interdisciplinary:
law, politics, economics, math, history and religion.

The course is intended to be accessible to interested students from any background.  It is envisioned less as exposition than as a forum for engaged discussion. The creative process of policy formulation and policy analysis will be a central topic.

Text: "A Collaborative Development Zone for Israelis and Palestinians" (2007)