Analyze & Guide the PROCESS?

Analyze our question statements:

1. How can we help each other?.
2. What questions do we ask ourselves to get to #1.  
3. What answers our top questions in #2? 
The rule is - to 'defer judgment'.
When all Q & As are in writing
then make informed choices.

When we have our answer statements then we:
- Transform our answers into our 'Action List'   
- Assign each action to a responsible player
- Ask the player to state a 'due date'. 
Task Leader's Role:
- Comment on the above analysis.
- Follow up -- to see progress.

Our team players:
- Plan our action
- Act on our action list
- Measure the results of their own actions.

DEFINE our ACTION between now & the NEXT meeting:
- Clarify our overall purpose & scope
- Capture communication systems problem statements
- Connect our players 
- Meet with key players & secure advocates
- Clarify who does what to whom/what by when & where.
GUIDE our process with our GROUND RULES:

- Assume we have the power to answer our questions.
- Develop agreements -- if possible.
- Document with simple sentences.
The rule is - if the analysis is not documented 
then the analysis does not exist.

- Capture our on-going discussion -- online.

- Add new questions & answers at any time.

Facilitator's Role:
- Support the above process.
- Facilitate online discussions to inform and involve people.
- Help people know each other via short meetings.