Welcome to the EFMS website for Technology and Instructional Strategies:

On the following pages you will find each of Marzano's Nine Most Effective Instructional Strategies outlined and explained with research and general tips for implementation in your classrooms. Please remember that these nine strategies are NOT the only instructional strategies that can be used in classrooms. In fact Marzano's institute has described more than 45 different strategies. These nine are what studies show to be the most effective. My hope is that these descriptions and practical tips will be a good introduction to the strategies for those of you who have not studied them directly, and good review for those of you who have studied them.

The point of this site is to help us structure our professional development as we explore how best to use technology and web-based tools in our classrooms. With that in mind, my hope is that this website will be a living and growing resource for teachers wherein we document what tools we have tried, how effective they were in relation to instruction, and any tips you may have for other teachers wanting to use a specific tool. To do so I have placed a four column spreadsheet at the bottom of each page. As teachers use a new technology or web-based resource, I would like you to simply consider which one of the nine strategies that resource most reflects, and then list the resource at the bottom of that page. The spreadsheet on each page also has room for a brief description of the resource and how it went for you, and room for any tips that you might have for other teachers who may want to use this resource. The goal here is to support each other as we grow with new technology.

The final page of this website contains a spreadsheet with links to technological resources that are cross-referenced with the nine instructional strategies. Simply click on the embedded link next to the resource listed and you will go to that resource. While there are many different resources listed here, this is by no means a definitive list. Feel free to explore these resources, or any other resource you may find in your own searching.