Mrs. DePrima's 5th Grade

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Dear Parents and Students,  

        Welcome to the fifth grade! I hope you had a wonderful summer.

It is going to be a wonderful year. Please see the supply page.

        Reminders: Book Orders, Forms, Supplies, PTA Membership


        Math: Area, volume, Solving Equations

        Reading/Language/Writing: Narratives, Prepositions

        Science: Cells, Tissue, Organ, Organ Systems

        Social Studies: US Regions

        P.E.: Wednesdays and Fridays Please wear tennis shoes.

 Progress Reports go home three times, mid trimester.  We discuss the grades in class, and all students should be able to explain and use this report to enhance their learning experience.  Please sign and return. Your child is responsible for missing work due to absences or failure to complete. Most students have located those assignments quite easily. They should copy my planner for the days in which they were absent. Their own planner should list daily assignments. I can sign your child's planner daily if they are inaccurately writing in the planner.


Join the JFS PTA!

The JFS PTA is an important part of our school community. Their goals are to make sure the students of JFS get an outstanding education in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. Your contributions to the PTA have helped our school become one of the best elementary schools in California. Visit the JFS PTA website.

          Book Orders are wonderful!  Book orders are due the 14th of each month.  We have already earned over $1,000.00 in free books.  I use the free books we earn to replace damaged books.  Thank you!  The books will be here 7 to 10 days after ordering on the 14th.  Thank you to those parents ordering.

*** Thank you in advance for class and field trip donations.  I have purchased ink for our printer, tracing pens, folders, name tags, erasers, many replacement AR books, seeds, plants, soil, eggs, Karo Syrup, asparagus, baking soda, vinegar, sugar, a class novel, basketballs, playground balls, soccer balls, pinnies, goals, note cards, yarn, scales, and card stock.  ***



Sound/Syllable Sorts involve grouping words by letter-sound patterns and syllables.  Sorts are a wonderful way to wire your brain for spelling patterns. Your child should be able to complete these independently. Students can also increase their reading level by completing the spelling sorts.  Students must include a spelling word from their weekly list in each spelling sentence.  After the December break we will complete Syllable Sorts involve breaking words into syllable groups.   

Parents, please sign all progress reports, AR book records, AR point goals, and ZPD summaries.

I have been correcting Math tests for years.  Many students turn in tests that are incomplete and have careless errors. It seems difficult for them to check carefully.  Discuss test taking, and practice checking for errors.  Please discuss class tests.  The students are very bright and should be learning to fix errors as they check.  

Students will work towards developing time management skills.  We take time to monitor and know how to turn in work in a timely manner. Students are always very proud of their success. They will experience the feeling of PRIDE and accomplishment.  It is remarkable to see.  They will really grow.

Book orders will be sent out every month.  I already have them online.  

The volunteers are listed on our Volunteer page.  Please check to see the schedule.  Thank you again for helping our class. It is nice to have such wonderful volunteers.  It makes my days much more relaxed knowing everything is managed so well.

We have so many delightful and bright students here at JFS.  Everyone wants to succeed.  We work more and more cooperatively every day.  Students will begin to utilize their interpersonal communication skills to create the best learning environment possible.

Families, please get plenty of rest.  Students should be sleeping 10-11 hours every night.  Some students will lose focus throughout the day when tired or hungry.  I think they are dreaming about their beds, blankets, pillows, ...  Eating a healthy breakfast is a must.  Please remember to pack healthy snacks.  Candy, for a snack is frowned upon.

We will be learning skills and concepts.  Tests for Math and Reading/Language Arts, along with taking monthly writing prompts, will be given regularly.  Please be sure your child practices and knows their basic addition and subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Students should answer as quickly as you can say their name. The Final Writing prompts will be in May.  Please be sure your child is healthy, well rested, and not on vacation.

I will be testing your child for reading fluency and comprehension for each trimester.  The students must be reading every night during the school year. If they read books that are too difficult, their reading level will decrease.  Some will throw fits, trying to tell you that it is unfair that they have to read.  Life has requirements.  Everyone needs to balance rest and work.  The children who have not been reading will see a huge drop in their reading level.  The first test for reading level is in August.  They are tested every month for a new ZPD (Reading Level).

All monthly Reading Logs should be filled with 25 books and/or chapters.  Their AR Reading Goals will be due about the 21st of each month.  Students’ book/chapter amount will be entered in the grade book.  Students not reading will see a decline in their reading grade and ZPD (Reading Level).

Here are a few pertinent details.

Homework folders need to be returned DAILY including the completed homework as indicated in their planner.

If your child is purchasing lunch, please send the money, check, or pay for lunch on line at MyNutriKids.com.  The price for student hot lunch is $2.50.  


PE days are usually Wednesday and Friday.  Please have tennis shoes available on those days.

IMPORTANT -- Label all jackets and sweatshirts with your child's name.

Math Quizzes and Tests: 3 or 4 per month

Each student's AR Goal = 15-60 points for the trimester, determined by their Grade Equivalency (GE).  Highest score and goals met, receive a better grade!

All students need to return Reading and Math TESTS corrected and signed by a parent if the grade is lower than a B-.

Reading Diagnostic Reports (ZPD) MUST be signed and returned.


Homework is given daily.  Each student writes the homework in their planner. If the homework is not written, there should be an at home consequence.  The students will have the work checked for completeness each morning.  Please check your child's work for accuracy and neatness.  Some children will drop papers while putting them into their backpacks. Remind them to pack carefully and maybe have a checklist in the car to ensure that nothing is forgotten.  Thank you so much for your support and understanding.


Please remember to pack a healthy snack for your child everyday.  Many students get quite hungry during the day.  

It is always allergy and cold season.  Please monitor your child's symptoms.  If your child has had a fever within 24 hours of the school day, they must stay home.  If your child vomits in the morning, they should not attend school. We are all trying to stay healthy.  It is cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon.  Please dress your child in layers.

Have a safe and happy week.                     


                                                                   Mrs. DePrima

Mrs. DePrima's email address - sdeprima@eesd.org

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