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Dear Parents,

I am sure all of your students will be at school on the first day and on time! I hope they will all come home and have something positive to say about their day!

There is a 2 page math sheet they are bringing home tomorrow that is due back to me by next Friday, 8/23. It has a portion for you to fill out on one side. I have told students if they did not know how to do any of the few problems, to just put a question mark by it and not to worry. It is not for a grade(it will give a general understanding how they feel about math), they just need to do the best they can and bring it back.

They will all be given class supplies tomorrow; pencil boxes filled with items, binders, notebooks, agenda, etc. They will not need to buy any of these items this year, it will be supplied to them. If you did purchase any of these items, please keep them at home for use there (in case they run out at home of items). We are accepting donations for the supplies in the amount of $45($5 will go to our library for the purchase of books and AR quizzes), which can be a check made out to Clark or cash. They will also receive a class t-shirt as part of their supplies.

Please look on our class webpage(just go to my name on the staff roster and click on webpage) for test dates as they get close, field trips, and projects. Students will be writing these items down in their agendas, as well as homework (which I do not post on our class webpage, the students need to write it in their agenda).

Lastly, we can use donations of disinfectant wipes and tissues!

Kirk Pleasant


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