Parent Volunteers
Studies show that parental involvement in a child's education is one of the most important factors in raising a student's self esteem and academic achievement. Most experts agree that parental involvement should go beyond attendance at teacher conferences and open house. We realize, however, that each of our families is unique, with it's own priorities, needs, talents, and time constraints and so we try to provide as many different kinds of opportunities for parental involvement as possible.

Enterprise Elementary School District
Parent Volunteer Policy

  • To view board policy, please visit the Enterprise Elementary School District website by clicking here
  • Each school site is required by Federal Program Monitoring  to have a Parental Involvement Policy - please ask at your student's school office to see a copy. 
Sample Tasks for Parent Volunteers

Less Interactive Activities
  • Make photocopies of assignments, handouts, worksheets, etc.
  • Sort and file workbook and other pages.
  • Set up art, science, and other projects.
  • Make booklets or journals on binding machine.
  • Fold and staple booklets.
  • Make playdough (can also be done at home).
  • Put up/take down bulletin boards.
  • Hang artwork.
  • Cut out laminations.
  • Sort and stock classroom materials.
  • Sharpen pencils.
  • Help keep classroom clean.
  • Return books to school library.
  • Stuff student folders.
Interactive Activities
  • Read to students.
  • Listen to students read.
  • Go over word lists with students.
  • Practice with flashcards.
  • Walk around classroom as students work quietly.
  • Work one-on-one with students or in small groups (center time).
  • Help students who need remedial work.
  • Help students catch up on missed work.
  • Provide editing help with writing assignments.
  • Chaperone field trips (see district policy).
  • Assist in planning parties or other special classroom days.