Welcome to: Using Technology in Environmental Education

This is a self-paced course consisting primarily of video tutorials. These tutorials provide introductions to several mobile and desktop technologies. 

The course is divided into two broad categories:
  1. Technologies for Outreach and Marketing
  2. Technologies for EE Practice
Within each of these categories you will find a listing of technologies you can use. In some cases, there will be repeats. Repeated tutorials indicate that they can be used in both contexts. 


The video will discuss interacting with participants, technical support and adding more resources over the summer. The two primary ways we will interact will be through Facebook or Twitter, and Google Hangouts. 

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You will be able to pose questions and they can be answered weekly through Hangouts, which will be posted on the Course Hangouts Page.

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Outreach and Marketing Environmental Education Practice

 Facebook Tutorials
   Twitter Tutorials
   Google+ Tutorials
Google Apps for Education
    Google Sites
    Google Drive
    Third-Party Apps
   YouTube Tutorials
  Wordpress Tutorials
   Google Hangouts Tutorials

 Google Apps for Education
    Google Sites
    Google Drive
    Third-Party Apps
  Google Hangouts Tutorials
  Geocaching Tutorials
  Mobile GIS Tutorials
    Instagram Tutorials
    Viddy Tutorials
  Storify Tutorials