Using Technology in Environmental Education

Course Overview: Information and communication technologies are revolutionizing the delivery of environmental education programs. At the same time, identifying the right tools and learning how to implement them in your work can be time-consuming. This course offers environmental educators an opportunity to explore mobile and desktop technologies that can enhance marketing and the delivery of educational programs. During this 8-week course you will become familiar with technologies you can begin using in your programs this summer. You will be able to pick and choose among a variety of applications that interest you, access tutorials on effective use, use Twitter and Facebook to reflect on your practice, and learn from other educators who are using these tools.

Technologies Covered:

* Google Apps for Education

* WebEx

* Twitter

* Google Hangouts

* Facebook

* Geocaching

* Tumblr

* Viddy

* Mobile GIS

* And more...

Dates: 06/16/2014 through 07/27/2014

Registration Opens: 05/26/2014  >> (Register Here)

Registration Ends: 07/01/2014

Course Cost: Free

Learning Platform: Google Apps for Education, Facebook and Twitter

Course Requirements: Computer with Internet Connection (Mobile Device Suggested)

Course Facilitator: Justin G. Smith – Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University

For self-study, go to course site:

Course Format: This is an 8-week online course designed to get you up and running with technologies you can use immediately in your organization and environmental programs. The course is divided into two different tracks: 1.) Outreach and Marketing; 2.) Education. Participants will access tutorials through the course site, practice using these tools, and share their experience with other participants to develop an online resource. Participants can choose to complete one or all of the technology modules. Those who complete five or more modules will receive a certificate of completion from Cornell University.

EECapacity: This course is offered by the Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab through EECapacity, the EPA-funded national environmental education training program. In addition to Cornell University, the EECapacity Leadership Team includes the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), Environmental Education Exchange, and Akiima Price Consulting.