EE: Working with Faith-based Communities

Course Overview
This is a professional development course designed for educators and faith leaders working at the intersection of faith and the environment. The link between faith, community and the environment puts religious groups in an important position to be leaders in transforming attitudes and behavior with respect to promoting environmental stewardship. The objective of this course is to increase your capacity to effectively develop programs that support environmental awareness, stewardship, and sustainable communities.

Topics covered in this course will include: 
  1. Religious basis for environmental concern. 
  2. Facilitating dialogue between faith and non-faith groups working in environmental education and community change. 
  3. Past and present approaches to environmental justice work. 
  4. Environmental Education Guidelines in a faith context.

Duration: 4 Weeks Dates: 02/12/2014 through 03/14/2014 
Course Tuition: Free
Registration: Registration is open for up to 30 educators, until the course is full. Click to sign-up.
Learning Platform: Google Apps for Education and Facebook Course 
Requirements: Computer with Internet Connection 
Course Facilitator: Justin G. Smith – Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University

Course Format 
This is a 4-week online course centered around developing group projects relevant to the work of environmental education (EE) in a faith-based context. Participants will choose their own project. Examples might include a short video presentation, podcasts, collaborative blog or website, and other digital and/or print education resources. This project will serve as one of the key outcomes of the learning experience. Participants will also be exposed to EE topics through video, weekly webinars with leaders in the field, as well as print publications. Webinar speakers: Yusuf Burgess, Youth Ed-Venture & Nature Network; Cassandra Carmichael, National Religious Partnership for the Environment; Veronica Kyle, Faith in Place. 

This course is offered by the Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab through EECapacity, the EPA-funded national environmental education training program. In addition to Cornell University, the EECapacity Leadership Team includes the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), Environmental Education Exchange, and Akiima Price Consulting. This course is offered for the first time and is based on the wealth of sustainability, creation care, and environmental justice practices emerging in faith-based settings across the US, and on the EECapacity report, Environmental Education and Faith-based Communities, developed by Cassandra Carmichael, Executive Director, National Religious Partnership for the Environment.

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