Go Dojo!

Use this Dojo as a model for creating a Google Apps learning center.  
Take a look around to find training tools, step by step lessons, and exams to achieve all the different belt levels.  
Have your school multiply Google trainers by creating Google Ninjas!

Students Prepare for Knowledge Exams Together  

Criteria to Achieve Belts:

 Knowledge: Student must make 80% on Knowledge Exam

 Demonstration: Using Knowledge Exam as rubric, student must demonstrate proficiency (8/9 questions desktop, 4/5 mobile) in areas requested by Sensei 

Lesson Plan

Achieve mastery in Google Application in ranking order

Prep Questions:
  1. What is your current belt level?
  2. What goals did you set for today?
  3. Did you accomplish your goals?
  4. What steps must you take in order to achieve your next belt status?

Warm Up:
Log into Apps.  Check email.  Set personal goals for the day.

  1. Prepare for qualification or demonstration exam
    1. If studying for Qualification Exam
      1. use training modules
      2. take qualification exam for the belt you are currently pursuing
    2. If studying for Demonstration Exam
      1. use Knowledge Exam as rubric
      2. email Sensei when ready to demonstrate proficiency

Training Modules

Use these resources for indepent study:

Use these resources for video instruction:

Apps Exams

Note, the following exams are currently out of date. Use as model only. Future update to be published at thinkopenschools.org (coming soon!)

Desktop Apps Knowledge:

NEW! Mobile Apps Knowledge:
 Gmail- white
 Keep- yellow
 Calendar- blue
 Hangouts- green
 Chrome- brown
 Drive- red
 Search- black

 Demonstrate proficiency (8/9 desktop or 4/5 mobile) random questions from knowledge exam.  

Students Are Recognized as Google Ninjas! 

Teachers, Want More?

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