The Edunova Learning Centre - a vehicle enabling school and community development

The Development Model

The Edunova Learning Centre, a ‘walk-in’ resource facility for schools, emerged as a model to respond to the unstable technology environments that exist in many of the Edunova partner schools. The centre provides a reliable ICT hub where facilitators can work with principals, educators and learners to help achieve ICT curriculum integration in a stable environment.

It is also a well-equipped resource centre where all members of the community, including school staff and learners, can access computers, the internet and educational resources and experiences which better enable their education, development and holistic growth.

It is from these Learning Centres that Edunova’s change enabling programmes and projects operate. These include the Schools ICT Academy (SICTA), the young adult development programme (ITE Programme) and the entrepreneurial Novatech business incubator.

The Edunova
Learning Centres work in partnership with primary and high school educators enabling the creation of a supportive peer network. This includes the establishing of communities of practice, which develop school leadership and teachers so as to provide all learners with access to educational resources borne out of collaborative professional development opportunities. Each centre promotes increased diversity of learning opportunities and re-engages learners, of all ages, in the development of new skills and knowledge.

The Physical Environmen
  • A high quality ICT training area with multiple computer workstations
  • High speed internet access
  • Technology enabled and information rich environment
  • Designed to encourage use and promote confidence
  • A ‘showcase area’ where education providers can permanently exhibit and place technologies and software for easy access to school leaders and district officials
  • Experienced staff who will provide guidance and support
  • A published schedule of training programmes
  • Information access for members of the local communities
  • Partnership programme with schools, commercial and government providers who work in the education sector
  • Documentation and resources will be available to all users of the centre
  • Meeting and training rooms to provide venues for communities of practice

A Replicable Model

The Edunova Learning Centre has been developed as a model which can be replicated in any region of South Africa. Edunova has experienced and documented the processes for establishing these educational Edunova Learning Centres, specifically integrating the appropraite use of ICTs into under resourced and challenged communities.