May 18 Agenda

Present on May 18: Kimberly, Jason, Robert, Penny, Dave, Oscar, Tracie, Amy, Sebastian, Steve

·      Review prior knowledge and most pressing questions about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

·      Define the purpose of the Innovation Team

·      Review the global context for CCSS

·      Review the instructional shifts of the CCSS


·      Review examples of high school graduate expectations

o   Draft a FUSD graduate profile which will incorporate global themes, 21st Century skills, and CCSS expectations

June 7 Agenda

Members present: Martha, Oscar, Kimberly, Lisa, Penny, Robert, Jason, Amy, Audra, Steve, Sebastian

  • Finalize Graduate Profile
  • Establish a theory of action
  • Identify the districtwide Tasks and Action to support an innovation plan
  • Clarify this team's future
    • scope of work
    • frequency of meetings
    • off-site support
Notes from June 7: 
- Set next meeting's agenda at the end of current meeting agreed as a norm moving forward
- Defined "Design team" members: Oscar, Penny, Laurie, SELPA Director, Kim, Mark, Jason, Martha, Tracy, Randy/Dave, Alex, Lisa
- Commit to existing norms for FUSD meetings 
- Through the use of, EC will contact everyone on the team to confirm 6 dates in July and August
- EC will revise Graduate Profile based on today's Tuning Protocol Warm/Cool feedback
- EC will draft a working plan (using state timeline and FUSD context) to present and revise at next meeting; send Design team working     implementation plan one week before meeting
- EC will work on a technology solution (google site blocked) 
- EC to define baseline knowledge of CCSS and send to team

Agenda for Date TBD

- Revisit norms/expectations
- Review Implementation Template
- Establish action teams
- Present technology solution
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