FUSD Graduate Profile

Back to the Basic Skills for Life

communicate effectively:
  • communicate with a purpose and to diverse audiences appropriately
manage information:
  • able to access, evaluate and use vast amounts of information
  • know one's passions, strengths, interests
collaborate with others:
  • respond flexibly to complex problems
  • command a world language other than English
  • connected to the world
produce new knowledge:
  • think divergently 

[How do we conceptualize our student graduates? "product" vs. "customer"]

[Look at the Student Bill of Rights and include some language from that document]


"Back to the basic skills for life" = problem solving, analysis, communication (writing, speaking, reading skills), collaboration skills, application of knowledge and theory, interdependency, relating to others, thinking independently, being creative, understanding other languages (code switch, jargon, learn new tech terms, etc.) = preparing students for life
  • Career plan - know what they are passionate about and what to do
  • Know their strengths, interests, passions
  • Ready for college (not just eligible) [see appendix A in CCSS - look in docs & resources section of this website - details research studies and the justification for increase text complexity in CCSS] CCReady
  • Knowledge for the global era
  • Connected to the world
  • Analytical thinking and being able to utilize resources
  • Able to access information and manipulate it for a purpose
  • Know how to search for information and evaluate the source of that information
  • Evaluate new information and decide how to organize and store it to be accessed later
  • Able to learn and adjust to emerging technologies (digital and what's next...)
  • Problem solving, analysis, and writing / communicating
  • Able to work with a group of people to problem solve - collaborate
  • Ready to work within the community / business
  • Leadership

Academics Outcomes?

Social Outcomes?


Future direction/goals?

Below are summaries from other graduate profiles. You can find more information in the "Documents & Resources" on the left.

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· Life and Career Skills

· Learning and Innovation Skills

· Core Subjects and 21st Century Themes

· Information, Media, and Technology Skills

· Ready for College

· Knowledge Required in the Global Era

· Skilled for Success in a Global Environment

· Connected to the World

· Critical Thinking and Problem-solving

· Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence

· Agility and Adaptability

· Initiative and Entrepreneurialism

· Effective Oral and Written Communication

· Accessing and Analyzing Information

· Curiosity and Imagination

· Inquirers

· Thinkers

· Knowledgeable

· Communicators

· Principled

· Open-minded

· Caring

· Risk-takers

· Balanced

· Reflective


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