Module 3: Supporting Peer Editing

Peer editing is one of the most vital elements in the writing process.  In addition to hearing the thoughts of their teachers, students can learn just as much about their writing when sharing it with their peers.  As teachers, though, it's important for us to capture those interactions and feedback between students.  This module is all about capturing the impressions of the peer editor.  

By the end of this activity you will be able to:
  • create a form and share it with your students
  • use Google forms to assess students and support peer editing

This module will be 25 minutes long.  At the end we will have our "Five Minute Share".

Activity 1
        Read the article of student work below, and then use the form in the center to peer edit the students' work.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I belive sports are sports, you will get stressed and possibly injured. Young adults have the power to say their so stressed that they can’t play. Young adults have the power to persuew their dreams, if its sports; then they should know the harms that come with it.

We have stressed the idea of doing sports will get an amazing schollership. Stressing the fact of our economy today, a lot of parents will stress their teens of doing what-ever it takes to get that schollership.

Why not make other good schollerships for other extra curricular activities? So we don’t stress sports so much, till another injury?

For example it says in the text “3% of basketball players get scollerships.” While in another text says “basketball is one of the most injuries.” Why are they so determined to a point of hurting themselves?

Parents, popularity, even how it makes them feel. As it says in a video that “10% of young adults are embaresd how their parents act at games.” That has a huge effect. Furthermore it also is stated it makes young adults to get out and just play.

Including the new study stated from one video in particular states, “New

study shows students gain confidence and friendships, and the young adults that don’t partisipate normally aren’t as social and constantly alone.”

Taking away sports is to drasic, some students use it to unwind. While some say its stressfull, I get the feeling those young adults who say that are oviously being pressured.

Sports arn’t to be blamed for stress, its the parent that forced them to do it, the self esteem of the young adult, and not enough hours to balence school, sports, and just time to relax.

As Hank Hill stated, “Good teachers benefit all students. Varsity sports only benefit some.”

To me that says, having good coaches and teachers to support and care for the teem will let their students thrive. While others who were forced to do sports activities are not benefited as much.


                                                       Sam Smith

Peer Editing Activity

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