Planning Flowchart and Expectations

AT ALL TIMES, PLANS AND TRACKING DOCUMENTS ARE UP TO DATE ON THE DRIVE- each teacher has access to the planning drive.

Year Plan Expectations:
  • Teachers provide an overview of the children’s journey on a term by term basis using the year ahead pro forma.
  • Teachers prioritises what the children need to be able to do first to have a successful year
  • Previous years planning and attainment data are taken into account
  • Upcoming events have been considered
  • Planning is still flexible and responsive. It reflects the needs of the children.
Medium Term Plan Expectations 
  • The medium term plan is used to plan and is kept up to date on the drive at all times.
  • Planning reflects principles of curriculum design
  • Previous knowledge, experience and attainment data is built upon 
  • Children's contributions to planning/assessing are planned for
  • Experiences and Outcomes and East Lothian's Curriculum Frameworks are used to plan Learning Experiences and Assessment Approaches
  • Key learning identified for assessment is tracked using our tracking proforma - this is available to and understood by key adults supporting learners via the drive
Weekly Plan Expectations
  • These are flexible, responsive and up to date at all times.
  • Management may meet with teachers to discuss these are part of the QA process.
Lesson Planning Expectations
  • All lessons meet the expectations of the lesson planning guide below.