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Computing Science

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Google Sketch-Up

Computing Project.

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Computer Project

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Software research task

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Application Software-Aplications other known as "apps" help computer owners complete a certain task eg. if you need to plan a model for a new building you can use the programe google scetch-up.
Operating Systems-Operating Systems are a set of programes that manage computer hardware. They are a key component of the system software in a computer system.
Programes- Programes are things like paint which allow you to paint peices on the computer,another programe is microsoft word which allows you to write up a document and add images,these are very useful to have on computers.
Data- Data in a computer are usually organized in rows or columns, an example of data is is pictures like if you were making a collage you would save it to your picturesand that would be the data.
At school i use Microsoft word to make documents for projects and work peices and save them to my documents.
At home i use Internet explorer to go on social networking sites like facebook.
Some of my faveourite "apps" is angry birds and temple run,i like it because they are fun to play and very addictive.
I also like the app Quipper which allows you to take quiz's on lots of differnt subjects like maths and french.

Progress Check.

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1. These are magnetic disks that can store hundreds of Gigabytes-Hard disks.
2. These are optical disks that your computer can only read data from-CD-ROM.    
3. These are optical disks that your computer can read from and write data to once only-CD-R.
4. These are optical disks that your computer can read from and write from over and over again- CD-RW.
5. You could store a movie file which was 4 Gigabytes in size on this optical disk-DVD-ROM.
6. This can store Gigabytes of information. You can put it in your pocket and simply plug it into the USB socket when you want to connect it to your computer-USB flash drive.

Progress Check

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1. This is an Inject Printer.
2. This is a Laser Printer.
3. LCD screens.
4. TFT.
5. Speakers.

Types of computer.

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Three key points on a desktop computer.-(i)Stores data (ii)Input and Output (iii)Processer
Three key points on a laptop.-(i)Small and Light. (ii)Is powered by batteries.(iii)Has an LCD or TFT screen.
Three key points on a PDA ot palmtop.-(i)small enough to fit into your hand(ii)very light.(iii)powered by a small battery.

Printer Research Task.

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Printer Research Task. By Jodie.

Camera Research Task.

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Jodie and Imogen Digital Camera Research.

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